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Frequently Asked Questions

LifeDesigner™ TeloMind™ Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the main ingredients of TeloMind?

The TeloMind Proprietary Formula Blend contains only premium ingredients at the clinical dose as reported in all medical trials.

The TeloMind formula includes 400mg of YTE® in every capsule along with L-Argenine hcl, Inulin and Ginkgo Biloba extract *22-26%.

How is TeloMind different from other supplements claiming to include egg tissue extracts like “young tissue extract”, “youth tissue extract” or “fertilized avian egg product”.

YTE® is an expensive ingredient.

Other supplement suppliers claim to offer similar product.

It is important to note that the following descriptions are NOT YTE®:

  • Young tissue extract
  • Youth tissue extract
  • Fertilized Avian Egg Extract
  • FAEE
  • OPTT9
  • Organic, cage-free, hormone-free chicken

YTE® is a very delicate natural compound which is a patented, legally protected and trademarked procedure.

In contrast, descriptive words like “young tissue extract” and “fertilized incubated egg products” cannot be trademarked and are essentially meaningless.

Other terms like “Hygienic Evaporative Cooling. Hygienic Evaporative Cooling” are simply descriptive words – in this case, describing a common drying process.

YTE® is a natural combination of potent amino acids and glycopeptides, which are enriched in the incubation period immediately after fertilization. It is important to understand hen’s eggs that have not been fertilized by the rooster’s sperm cannot produce a chick, but fertilized incubated eggs contain a viable embryo. If incubated by a hen sitting on the egg or in an incubator, it will form a chick within 21 days or three weeks.

In this three-week time period of incubation, from the day the rooster has fertilized the hen until the fully developed chick is ready to be hatched, a tremendous amount of cellular growth and development takes place in the embryo, which ultimately develops into the grown chick,

YTE® does not contain the embryo or the egg yolk.

YTE® is exclusively made from the albumen (egg white). This would otherwise be the nutrients, magically developing a fully grown chick from a microscopic speck in just a few days.

Dr Davidson, the original inventor of YTE®, discovered that the optimum time to harvest the egg white is on the 9th day. That is when the peptides and PESE are at their peak.

YTE® is a patented and protected process to extract that tremendous powerful growth material and put it into a highly nutritious powder form.

YTE® vs Imitators

YTE® is only produced in Norway, which has salmonella free status.

The hens and roosters (cockerals) are organically farmed in a free-range system.

The quality, traceablitiy and supply is approved for import into the USA and Europe by the FDA and CE guidelines.

Other supplement manufacturers who do not use YTE® do so because either they are not prepared to pay for the quality of the ingredient and compromise their profit margins or the manufacturers of YTE® refuse to sell to them.

There Is No Similar Product Superior To YTE®

YTE® is a delicate natural material. There must be no temperature rise that will cause denaturing or altering the natural qualities of the peptides and proteins. It is vital that the extraction process preserves all nutritional elements of the product.

The synergistic proprietary formulas of TeloMind are completely different from competitor products, regardless of their price.

The late Dr. Eskeland together with Nils Morten Christiansen formed Med-Eq, the original suppliers of YTE®, and these two partners were responsible for making YTE® available to the public.

YTE® Is Produced to the Highest Safety Standards

Every batch of the extract remains consistent and safe. By keeping egg production in Norway, the salmonella-free status of the original eggs is maintained.

The United States is not salmonella free.

Every batch of YTE® is independently tested and retains the integrity of all the nutrient contents of the fertilised incubated eggs. The careful, protected, patented extraction process protects the vital ingredients from any danger of degradation or denatured proteins.

This is an important point because denatured proteins are low quality peptides, proteins or nucleic acids which lose their structure that result from poor extraction or when high temperature is applied.

Traceability: Knowing The Origin Of Each Egg With Continuous Inspection Through A Visible High Quality Supply Chain

It is important to note that there have never been complaints about any bad batches of YTE®.

The product tracking provides a visible path across the supply chain so that each ingredient can be traced from “farm to capsule”. The batch genealogy is vital to ensuring the quality of each product so that every customer is protected through the integrity of every capsule in every bottle.

“Own brand” non-YTE® products simply do not have the integrity or crucial ingredients of YTE®. Regardless of any claims to the contrary, only YTE® can have the claimed results.

YTE® is a patented product meaning that according to international law it cannot be recreated by anyone else.

The late Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, before his death, was no longer an owner or officer of the YTE® patent holder, Med-Eq, now Immitec.

It is incorrect to say that any other version to YTE® such as Fertilized Avian Egg Extract was able to create the same benefits or be manufactured in the same way.

How are Dr. Davidson, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland and Nils Christian Mortensen connected with TeloMind?

Dr. Davidson was the first doctor to discover the effects of YTE® in 1929. Dr. Eskeland and Nils Christian Mortensen partnered to develop YTE® in mid-2000.

In Dr. Eskeland’s own words “I hypothesized that there existed in incubated and fertilized eggs a special protein fraction that could help increase and enhance the human body’s natural testosterone production, naturally, without testosterone supplementation.”

“I then teamed with Nils Christian Mortensen and we developed the procedure to extract this special protein from fertilized eggs. Once the procedure was perfected, we began testing the extract on human subjects, with very positive results.”

(Source: YTE Brochure 2006)

What are the proven clinical effects of YTE®?

Clinical testing prove a fourfold benefit to human health including

  • increased sexual health and desire
  • increase in energy and stamina
  • faster recovery from exercise and increase in muscle strength
  • reduction of the stress hormone cortisol and a natural mood enhancer.


A double-blind placebo-controlled study was carried out at the University of Colorado, Denver. The study’s main purpose was to test the effect of YTE® in developing muscle strength and muscle mass. In addition, a number of subjective conditions, for instance energy levels, stamina and general health, were also measured.

Virtually all of the participants who took part in the study and had taken YTE®for six weeks experienced a significant increase in physical energy, stamina, muscle strength and subjective health. In fact, every one of the participants in the study said that YTE® was the best natural athletic supplement they had tried.

Do I need to talk to a doctor before taking TeloMind?

TeloMind is a natural nutritional supplement and you don’t need a prescription to give it a try. Individuals who are allergic to egg white are advised not to use these products.

Talking to your Healthcare Professional before beginning a supplementation program is recommended. This is particularly true for the individuals that want to try TeloMind as a natural remedy for a particular medical condition.

What’s the recommended dosage?

If you’re a healthy adult, you should consider taking a minimum of four capsules per day, with breakfast.

Are there any side effects associated to taking TeloMind?

Natural supplements that don’t contain synthetic substances or pharmaceuticals are usually safe. If any unusual sensation or symptom occurs, talk to your Health Professional. If you are taking medication or medical advice, always talk with your Health Professional before any change to your regime.

Is TeloMind safe for children?

When considering giving TeloMind to your child, you should take advice from your Doctor or other Health Professional.

Remember that TeloMind also contains ginkgo biloba and L-Arginine. At this time, Ginkgo Biloba is not recommended for children, while breastfeeding and during late stage pregnancy.

Whenever starting a new heathcare regime, it is advised to consult with your Doctor or other Healthcare Professional.

L-Arginine in TeloMind

L-Arginine is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and also improves circulation. Some evidence shows that arginine may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart. That may improve symptoms of clogged arteries, chest pain or angina, and coronary artery disease.


There are many studies regarding the efficacy of L-Arginine. It has GRAS status (“Generally Regarded As Safe” and a long list of clinically proven benefits.



Ginkgo Biloba in TeloMind

Researchers believe that Ginkgo Biloba Extract improves cognitive function because it promotes good blood circulation in the brain and protects it from neuronal damage.

See for detailed information.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre and Dr Axe, Ginkgo Biloba should not be given to children - see and

It is worth noting, however, some important studies have been undertaken regarding using Ginkgo Biloba with children:

Ginkgo Biloba was administered at a dose of 80–120 mg/day depending on weight (80 mg/day for < 30 kg and 120 mg/day for > 30 kg) (group 1). The results of this particular study were that “…the difference between the Ginko T.D.™ and methylphenidate groups in the frequency of side effects was not significant except for decreased appetite, headache and insomnia that were observed more frequently in the methylphenidate group.”

Although the overall conclusion was that “the results of this study suggest that administration of G.biloba was less effective than methylphenidate in the treatment of ADHD.”

However, those side effects in a child are not insubstantial AND Ginkgo Biloba was proven safe to administer to children.


See also a pilot study on ADHD and the administration of Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng: “A combination herbal product containing American ginseng extract, Panax quinquefolium, (200 mg) and Ginkgo biloba extract (50 mg) (AD-FX; CV Technologies, Edmonton, Alta.) was tested for its ability to improve the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)… DESIGN: 36 children ranging in age from 3 to 17 years who fit the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. INTERVENTIONS: AD-FX capsules were taken twice a day on an empty stomach for 4 weeks. …RESULTS … improvement ranged from 44% for the social problems attribute to 74% for the Conners' ADHD index and the DSM-IV hyperactive-impulsive attribute. Five (14%) of 36 subjects reported adverse events, only 2 of which were considered related to the study medication. CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary results suggest AD-FX treatment may improve symptoms of ADHD and should encourage further research on the use of ginseng and Ginkgo biloba extracts to treat ADHD symptoms.”


In a further study of the effectiveness of Ginkgo Biloba on treating headaches in school age children, “… the frequency per month of migraine was significantly decreased”. And “Our findings suggest that in childhood headache management, the use of alternative treatments must be considered not to evoke a placebo effect, but as soft therapy without adverse reactions.” Note, this was a combination formula including extract from Ginkgo biloba tree leaves



Can the Ginkgo Biloba in TeloMind help with dementia, memory loss, concentration, fatigue, anxiety and depressed mood?

As reported on Psychiatry Online and Google Scholar, a review examined herbs commonly used for psychiatric symptoms including Ginkgo Biloba. 

All but one of 40 controlled trials of ginkgo extracts in the treatment of dementia found clinically significant improvement in memory loss, concentration, fatigue, anxiety, and depressed mood. …A recent well-designed multicenter study showed significantly less decline in cognitive function among patients with dementia receiving gingko.”

Ginkgo Biloba has GRAS status – “Generally Recognised As Safe”.




Inulin has many researched benefits, including weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar support. It is a prebiotic fiber which helps nourish beneficial bacteria, also known as probiotics, in your gut.


Can breastfeeding or pregnant women take TeloMind?

Talk to your Doctor or other Healthcare Professional if you’re expecting a child or you’re nursing and you want to give TeloMind and  a try.

According to a study on Ginkgo Biloba reported on Google Scholar, the conclusion is “Ginkgo should be used with caution during pregnancy, particularly around labour where its anti-platelet properties could prolong bleeding time. During lactation the safety of ginkgo leaf is unknown and should be avoided until high quality human studies are conducted to prove its safety.”


 also contains BioPerine® and Vitamin C.

When should I take TeloMind?

It’s best to take TeloMind with breakfast. You can take 1, 2, 3 or 4 capsules although the recommended dose is a minimum of 4 capsules.

Is TeloMind safe alongside medications or other supplements?

The natural extracts in TeloMind don’t interact with pharmaceuticals. This means the supplement is safe for you, even if you’re undergoing medical treatment for a particular condition. Individuals that are taking vitamins or other food supplements can take TeloMind without worrying about overdosing or interactions between the ingredients. Take one capsule of TeloMind to test your tolerance. Discuss with your Health Professional if you have any existing medical condition.

What is PESE?

The most important active ingredient of the YTE® within TeloMind is known as PhotoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE). PESE is a unique, high quality, bioavailable combination of amino acids in natural balance.

Is the PESE in TeloMind really that powerful?

Worried that the extraction process may impact the quality of PESE found in TeloMind? Rest assured that the technology is modern and safe, enabling the extraction of PESE without altering its quality. The extract used in TeloMind is derived from free-range eggs to give our customers access to the highest possible quality.

Is it true that TeloMind can be used to slow down aging?

The amino acids found in TeloMind and  work on a cellular level. In addition to stimulating tissue regeneration, TeloMind and  is also a source of antioxidants that protect the cells against the activity of free radicals, thus slowing down cellular aging with additional anti-aging advantages. It can slow cognitive decline, improve memory and enhance focus. Even individuals who are starting to experience problems associated to brain function can enjoy the benefits of TeloMind and . Some of the amino acids found in the supplement are powerful neurotransmitters, other repair neurons and improve the “communication” between those cells. Thus, seniors and individuals that have a really stressful job will benefit from the anti-aging and brain enhancement effects of TeloMind.

As already mentioned PESE is derived from eggs. Does it contain cholesterol?

The egg has long had a bad reputation because of the cholesterol found in the yolk. If you’re a health conscious individual, you have certainly read about the bad reputation of eggs and you’re curious whether TeloMind is a source of cholesterol. The good news is that the PESE derived from eggs is 100 percent cholesterol-free.

There’s one more very important factor to take into consideration – the cholesterol found in foods can contribute to very little increase in bloodstream cholesterol. In fact, the eggs bad reputation is a major mistake. Researchers have recently uncovered that the egg is a source of lecithin and lecithin can help for breaking down cholesterol. Thus, the moderate consumption of eggs is a good thing since the yolk is a source of so many unique nutrients. Even if you’re conscious about eating egg yolks, you shouldn’t worry about TeloMind. The supplement is safe and highly nutritional, giving you access to amazing quality without added risks.

An egg is a small miracle in itself. The fragile shell hides inside everything that is needed for sustaining life. The egg contains a range of vitamins, nutrients and trace minerals. The amino acid profile of an egg is unparalleled. It’s a source of all eight essential amino acids – the ones that can’t be synthesized in the human body. Whether you want to have healthy hair or you’re looking for weight management options, the consumption of eggs is certainly a good idea.

Why is TeloMind made from free range eggs?

We are committed to making use of the best and most natural ingredients.

Hens who are not free range can be fed antibiotics, hormones and other additives. Free-range chickens can go outside, interact with other chickens and consume their natural diet. These facts affect the quality of eggs. Free range eggs tend to have a higher concentration of beneficial nutrients, repeated studies suggest.

Is there any risk of salmonella?

The egg extract found in TeloMind is derived from eggs in Norway. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that are salmonella-free. Only a few poultry industries in the world are declared completely salmonella-free (Ireland and Denmark’s industries are two examples). The same applies to poultry and eggs manufactured in Norway.

Can TeloMind be used as an alternative to stem cell therapies?

Though the ingredients of TeloMind can affect the manner in which stem cells promote healing, the supplement cannot be used as replacement for stem cell therapy.

Does digestion affect the quality of TeloMind and  ingredients?

Peptides are an important element found in the YTE® within TeloMind and  formula. Studies suggest that peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, are capable of being absorbed in the digestive tract without being broken down. Thus, the TeloMind nutrients are absorbed and used in the body without any change in quality or concentration.

Is there any scientific evidence proving the benefits of TeloMind?

YTE® has been the subject of scientific studies and experiments for decades. Since the discovery in 1929, when the Canadian Dr Davidson researched using as a natural remedy for cancer, extensive research has continued. In the late 21st century, the Norwegian Government conducted extensive testing. Numerous clinical trials have taken place to determine how these nutrients in YTE® affect human health.

Full details on this page:

More information about YTE® on this page: 

Why can’t I find TeloMind in my pharmacy?

TeloMind is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. The supplement is manufactured exclusively by LifeDesigner in the USA and sold globally with fast worldwide shipping.


We welcome enquiries from Medical Professionals including Doctors, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Nurses, Paradamedics, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Complementary Health Workers, Health Food Stores and other Retailers. We also welcome enquiries from concerned consumers wanting the best supplements at affordable prices. The LifeDesigner Referral Program enables responsible extra income for families and health practitioners globally.

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