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About Us

The LifeDesigner Journey

Shocked by the high cost and poor quality of supplements available, with a deep knowledge of the supplement industry from more than a decade working with millions of customers globally, we determined to develop a better solution. After more than 12 months developing and testing the perfect program to deliver not only the highest quality supplements but also to provide the most evolved home-based part-time global business with the specific purpose of generating a solid $3,000+ extra income per home, we are proud to announce LifeDesigner.

The LifeDesigner Difference 

The most important nutritional supplement now available exclusively through LifeDesigner. The highest quality synergistic formula of TeloMind is specifically custom-crafted to meet your needs in today's busy, toxic, world. When you need to aid healing and wellness, increase energy and provide more brain power, you need only the best concentrated superfood nutrition at the most affordable price.

 What are the main ingredients of TeloMind?

The TeloMind Proprietary Formula Blend contains only genuine ingredients at the right dose.

We use genuine Norwegian YTE® at the clinical dose as reported in all medical trials.

The TeloMind formula includes 400mg of YTE® in every capsule along with L-Argenine hcl, Inulin and Ginkgo Biloba extract *22-26%.

How is TeloMind different from other supplements claiming to include egg tissue extracts like “young tissue extract”, “youth tissue extract” or “fertilized avian egg product”.

YTE® is an expensive ingredient.

Other supplement suppliers may claim to offer similar products but it is important to note that the following descriptions are NOT YTE®:

  • Young tissue extract
  • Youth tissue extract
  • Fertilized Avian Egg Extract
  • FAEE
  • OPTT9
  • Organic, cage-free, hormone-free chicken

YTE® is a very delicate natural compound which is a patented, legally protected and trademarked procedure.

In contrast, descriptive words like “young tissue extract” and “fertilized incubated egg products” cannot be trademarked and are essentially meaningless.

Other terms like “Hygienic Evaporative Cooling. Hygienic Evaporative Cooling” are simply empty descriptive words – in this case, describing a common drying process.

YTE® vs Imitators

  • YTE® is only produced in Norway, which has salmonella free status
  • The hens and roosters (cockerels) are organically farmed in a free-range system in the Norwegian countryside
  • The quality, traceability and supply are all approved for import into the USA and Europe by FDA and CE guidelines
  • Other supplement manufacturers do not use YTE® because they are not prepared to pay for the quality of the ingredient and compromise their high profit margins or the manufacturers of YTE® refuse to sell to them

There Is No Similar Product Superior To YTE®

YTE® is a delicate natural material. There must be no temperature rise that will cause denaturing or altering the natural qualities of the peptides and proteins. It is vital that the extraction process preserves all nutritional elements of the product.

The synergistic proprietary formulas of TeloMind are completely different from competitor products, regardless of price.

We welcome enquiries from Medical Professionals including Doctors, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Nurses, Paradamedics, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Complementary Health Workers, Health Food Stores and other Retailers. We also welcome enquiries from concerned consumers wanting the best supplements at affordable prices. The LifeDesigner Referral Program enables responsible extra income for families and health practitioners globally.

The Details 

TeloMind is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. The supplement is manufactured exclusively by LifeDesigner in the USA and sold globally with fast worldwide shipping.

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